RELN Mole Pipe has Arrived

RELN Mole Pipe is a new and innovative flexible and expandable 100mm drainage pipe system that is super easy to handle and install, saving precious time and effort. Mole Pipe is ideal for use in applications where collection, dispersion and control of sub-surface groundwater are required.

The expandable nature of Mole Pipe is one of the most unique features. For example, 2M of Mole Pipe becomes 8M at full extension. The benefits for both the end user and retailer are clear. The super compact design makes it easy for users to transport, store and install.

More flexible than the rest, Mole Pipe lays flat in the trench and bends around any curve or corner. It can expand and contract to the perfect length, no cutting or measuring required. For those who have struggled with unwinding and laying traditional agi-pipe flat, this is a huge bonus. The flexible and expandable nature of Mole Pipe makes it easier to install and reduces the install time compared to regular drain pipe.

Mole Pipe is available in 8M and 16M pipe lengths with choice of solid, slotted and slotted with sock. Mole Pipe connects to roof gutter downpipes, surfacewater drainage systems, plus existing PVC and Ag-pipe systems and is the complete drainage solution, with a full line of snap on fittings and pipe to solve almost any drainage need.

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