Who are FTR Products?

Do you have a showroom?

What brands do you distribute?

Where can I purchase?

Surface Water Drainage

What is the best grate for slow moving, heavy, commercial vehicles?

What is the best grate for busy pedestrian areas?

Can I use the same grate on your different product lines?

Does RELN Storm Master have a Heel Guard grate?

What is the blue ring in the inline pit for?

Are Storm Master Grates changeable?

What is the difference between Storm Mate and Rain Mate?

Can I change or replace the grate at a later stage?

Can I use the same grate on Rain Mate, Rain Drain and Rain Drain Trade?

How many kg can the Uni-Pit Vortex hold?

Do the Uni-Pit Vortex grates have a lockdown feature?

What is the difference between Uni-Pit Vortex Pits and competitor ranges?

Where can the Uni-Pit Vortex pits be used?

What size pipes can connect to the pits?

How do I fit the PVC pipe to the Traditional Pits?

Ground Water Drainage

Do you have a range of fittings?

Can I reuse my Mole Pipe off cuts?

Will Mole Pipe attach to other RELN Surface water channels?

Can the Mole Pipe Downpipe Adapter connect to rectangular and round downpipe?

Where can a Soakwell be used?

Why is the Soakwell a beehive shape?

Can more than one Soakwell be aligned?

Why do I need a Soakwell Sock?

How big are the slots on the Ag pipe?

Is there a joiner on the Ag Pipe roll?