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AG Pipe Brochure
Rain Drain Flyer

Rain Drain Brochure
Rain Mate Flyer
Rain Mate Brochure
Storm Drain Brochure
Storm Master Flyer
Storm Master Brochure
Storm Mate Brochure
Mole Pipe Flyer
Mole Pipe Brochure
Domestic Traditional Pits Brochure
Heavy Duty Commercial Pits Brochure
Uni Pit Brochure

Installation Information

Rain Mate Installation Instructions - Pavers and Asphalt
Rain Mate Installation Instructions - Concrete
Rain Drain Installation Instructions - Paver and Asphalt
Rain Drain Installation Instructions - Concrete
Storm Drain Installation Instructions
Storm Master Class B Installation Instructions - Pavers
Storm Mate Installation Instructions
Uni Pit Installation Instructions
Concrete Tape Instructions

Chemical Resistance Chart

Reln's products are generally designed for use with water. Our website contains chemical compatibility guides from various polymer manufacturers, provided to help customers with most questions in relation to polymers and particular chemicals. These guides in no way provide a guarantee of performance of Reln products with chemicals. For specific chemical compatibility beyond the advice of the polymer suppliers, Reln recommend that customers conduct their own compatibility testing to establish their own suitability of Reln products in contact with chemicals.

Download Chemical Resistance Chart