Channel Drains


Our range of Storm Mate, Storm Drain, Rain Mate and Rain Drain products are perfect for homeowners and residential contractors. Straight Line Drainage is perfect for paths and driveways with heelguard grates and we also offer the full range of drainage systems with accessories.


  • Tough, durable, lightweight plastic moulding
  • 1m and 3m Channels gives flexibility, 3m Channels mean less work and fewer joins in lengthy drains. Channels can be cut with jigsaw or hacksaw to other sizes.
  • Ledge (foot) at base of Channels prevents floatation during pouring of concrete.
  • Joiners allow the construction of lengthy channels.
  • End Caps finish branches of the drain.
  • When a hole is cut inside the flange, the End outlet connects the system to standard 90mm stormwater pipes.
  • Grates are interchangeable and are available in black, portland grey, stainless steel and ductile iron.
  • With appropriate installation, Channels and Grates can support a range of passenger vehicles.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
    Storm Mate Storm Drain Rain Mate Rain Drain

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    Storm Master surface water drainage system is the perfect solution for collection of high surface water flows, in commercial applications. With a high intake galvanised steel grate, large 200mm channel depth/width, and a specially shaped self cleaning channel base, Storm Master is designed to efficiently clear high flows of stormwater runoff.


    • Strong, durable and lightweight UV stabilized Poly Propylene channel
    • Complete range of components
    • Class B Galvanised Steel Grate with lockdown security
    • Large profile channel with specially shaped self cleaning channel base to clear high flows of stormwater
    • Easy to install
    Storm Master

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